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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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dropping just yet next on "action news" tonight. (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. the eagles were down to desperation time, but a tipped sam bradford pass turned into an interception and that sealed the eagles' fate. miss the opportunities and a play call that eagles' fans will
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be debating in the morning all leading up to a disappointing way to start the season. it is monday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is a week one bust for the eagles down south. getting right to sports director ducis rodgers. ducis, a much better second half, but not quite enough. >> chip kelly says we can build upon what we did in the second half, but they need to examine what went wrong in the first half starting with defense. atlanta puts up 20-first half points. and julio jones eight catches in the first half, . and bradford protection and the eagles within 3. 20-17. and then matthews in from the 1 and the eagles lead, the first lead of the game of the falcons reclaim the lead and the eagles faced with fourth and one from the 26th and they kick a field goal. but missing the 44-yard liner
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and the he is eagles get it back. and bradford's passis intercepted. and falling behind early was a problem. >> we didn't play well in the first half you give up 10 points inside of the last two minutes. i tell the guys at half time it was the tale of two halves. playing a lot better in the second half, but we did not come to play in the first half. >> not much time to dissect the short week. guess who is coming into town on sunday. >> the boys. >> the dallas cowboys. and chad pradelli watching the game at a center city sports bar and clearly not the result that the fans expected. >> no, a difficult game one for philadelphia eagles fans. not a lot to cheer about in the first half. it was a lack luster first half. if you saw that game, sam bradford newly acquired
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quarterback did not look very good. inside of the tavern here fans had heads down wondering what was going on, especially after the preseason. and the potent office that chip kelly showed in the preseason. and all of the points that were scored. this team did not do much. the second half they came to life and got a quick turnover on the first position and started to gain momentum. and newly acquired demarco murray and scored. but in the end parkey missed the field goal and they lose. the fans are still optimistic about this eagles' team. >> it was slow, but every game yesterday was slow. and i knew they were going to many could back. i told my friends the eagles in the second half are going to come back. and demarco murray two touchdowns, that's all we need. >> do you feel as good about this team as you did before the game? >> absolutely. you have got to keep the faith.
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the philly fans have to keep the faith and belief in chip, he will take us to the promised land. >> the question mark coming into the game for many fans was the eagles' secondary. the secondary did not perform that well. julio jones torched them. he is one of the best wide receivers in the game you and won't see one very often like that each week in the nfl. a lot of questions with this team. slow first half. some of the newly-acquired players played well in the second half. still optimism but a lot of work according to the fans. chad pradelli for channel 6 akdz. jim? the latest on the visit of pope francis. people who have cars in the papal no-parking zone started to get notices today to explain the rules and regulations for what to with their vehicles. and "action news" reporter dann cuellar live in the 2200 block of pennsylvania avenue and spring garden. what about the special passes? >> jim, beginning this sunday
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people parking in these soon-to-be no parking zones need the bass. and the 24-28 people have to move to a designated parking garage or lot. the philadelphia parking authority says those living in the secure perimeter on the map, and parking on the street need a placard to avoid having the car towed as early as this coming sunday. >> towing is going to begin in many of these areas on sunday the 20th of september. so it's really important for people to get here and get their permit before that time so they can have them on their car so they won't be towed. >> the parking authority office at 8th and arch staying open late until 7:00 p.m. monday through friday allowing people to buy the $20 passes. to buy one bring in drirs driver's license, registration or utilities bill. >> i think it is ridiculous i have to prove to live where i live for an event i am not
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attending. i think it is a ridiculous process. >> on the 24th the second phase kicks in and all street parking inside of the perimeter must go and the placards becomes a ticket for lots set aside. and some residents not happy at all about this. >> it is chaotic, you know. you have to do this, you have to do this. even though you live in the area you have to have this sticker so your car don't get towed. >> one more thing. once your vehicle is in the garage you cannot move it until monday. vanessa snyder learned this by chance. >> i had no idea you needed one of these. >> how did you find out? >> i bought a new car and i needed a temporary pass. and people were waiting in line and i said i should check if i need one and i did. i had no clue. >> the garage fee is waved for those with a current valid residential parking permit
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inside of the papal visit secure zone. and again, the office is opening late to help people get the passes. >> thank you. big names added to the festival of families. the world meeting of families announced that mark wahlberg will host the festival on saturday, september 26. the pope will be treated to a performance from the queen of soul, aretha franklin. the frey has also been added to the festivities. they join previously announced singers including the orchestra. and welcoming the pope, with his picture and quotes. and 550 banners will go up in center city over the next week and a half. as more information about the papal visit is revealed, we ask you to stay with
11:08 pm our posts include the list of highways and road closures, items prohibited from the festival ground and more on how you can see the pope during his two scheduled parades. other news this hour, police are looking for whoever stabbed a man in wilmington, delaware. it happened an hour ago at 10th and king. investigators say the victim was stabbed multiple times in the upper body. he was taken to christiana hospital. we have no word yet on his condition. two suspects are on the run after allegedly holding up a pizza shop in north philadelphia. police say the men walked into the restaurant in the 1100 block of west girard, and at least one of them had a gun. they ran out after receiving an undetermined amount of cash. for the -- fortunately no shots fired and no one hurt. a former fire chief headed to jail.
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eugene spiegel stole $46,000 from the fire and rescue company. and in addition to the sentence he must repay the money. in june he pled guilty second-degree conspiracy. and a man charge wld possessing and distributing child pornography. daniel chance sharing images online of toddlers sexually assaulted. he was employed as an inbe instructor at liberty lakes day camp. and they are asking anybody with information to contact them. chance is currently out on $100,000 bail. authorities in west goshen township asking you to take a good look at these two men walking into the inn in willow brook lane with guns. getaway with cash, nobody hurt. but the detectives want them
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caught before they strike again. following a developing story. still looking for a college instructor wanted for murdering his co-worker at delta state university. assistant professor ethan schmidt shot to death in his office this morning. the suspected trigger man is shannon lamb. he has vowed that he will not go to jail. lamb may also be responsible for murdering his female roommate. controversial country clerk kim davis returned to work today, refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses but one of her deputies does. davis spending near highway a week in a kentucky jail says religious convictionses leave her with an impossible choice. >> my conscience or my freedom. my conscience or my ability to serve the people that i love >> the license issued today does
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not include davis' name. kentucky's governor says it is still valid. coming up, gas prices have fallen dramatically over the last month. one stakes where you can fill up for less than $2 a gallon. and in tonight's "healthcheck" report, the die that's could dramatically lower a woman's risk of breast cancer. only the third time this month where temperatures in the afternoon are below average, 77 degrees. again we are heading well above normal with afternoon highs, showing you the number coming up. and jeff skversky will join us live from the georgiadom with more on the eagles' game tonight when "action news" continues.
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two fast-moving wildfires continue to burn in northern california. authorities say a disabled woman found dead in the ruins of her home. hundreds of houses have burned to the ground displacing thousands of residents. years of drought left nothing but dry timber behind, making these the most destructive fires
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of the summer. there is good news coming in from pse&g. as winter approaches the utilities company says it is reducing rates to the lowest level they have been in 15 years. starting on october 1, the basic supply rate for natural gas is 40 cents down from 45 cents right now. if you do the math, the average customer expected to save about $52 a year. filling up your car getting cheaper across the country. gas prices are coming down. nationwide the average is $2.33 a gallon. that is down 7 cents from a month ago. in philadelphia, gas is $2.42 a gallon. a month ago the price was $2.68. in wilmington it dropped 15 cents to $2.27 a gallon. for the cheapest gas just go to new jersey, it has dropped to $2.02 a gallon. however, "action news" reporter
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annie mccormick is in cherry hill at a wawa where she found gas that was even cheaper than that. annie? >> we found it cheaper in that in a couple of places in south jersey. for 28 days straight the gas prices have continued to go down. but here $1.90, and in cherry hill it is the first time in a lopping -- long time twee are seeing them below $2 prices so though they are saying fill er up. >> i feel like we will travel more, go places more because prices are lower. >> i am seeing a big savings. even for this it would cost me like double the price of what i am putting in now. i put like $20 a week and it used to be $40. >> this tank holds 255 gallons. >> a lot cheaper than what it was. >> this week seeing prices more than $1 less than this time last
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year. that's significant savings. it could be as much as $15 to $22 per tank. >> traditionally prices drop post-labor day, but experts say it is the first time in a long time they dipped below $2. one reason, crude oil is cheaper and they are switching to a less expensive one. >> come the middle of the week is when the e.p.a. lifts its mandate on summer-blended gasoline and we make the switch over to winter-blended gasoline at the pumps. >> in the tri-state area new jersey and the cheap earth. the national average $2.30 compared to last year's average of $3.40. what goes down though could eventually come back up. and watchers are keeping their eyes on a few variables. >> barring any unforeseen, you know, geopolitical or natural disaster-type of event we definitely forecast that prices will continue to trend lower into the fall. >> and hurricanes actually have
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a huge impact on gas prices. so far it has been a relatively call -- calm season that ends in november. annie mccormick for "action news." a night for changes for the gloucester county police department. the chief and mayor made six officer promotions official at the council meeting in blackwood. three are lieutenants and the other three are sergeant's. and four new officers were sworn in to the force as well. [applause] after a year apart two air force part ins reunited at philadelphia international airport. as you can see, they couldn't be happier. the dog recognized her handler. they were deployed in guam and now has a new home in new jersey. >> she has always been part of the family, but now she gets to live on my floor, have treats, run around as much as she can
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physically do. i am so happy to have her. >> mission k9 rescue and the war dogs association made the reunion tonight and adoption possible. an irregular heart beat cut her career short and she seems excited to have her forever home now. on "healthcheck" tonight, your diet could play a major role in protecting you against brecht -- breast cancer. a study out of spain xartd groups compared three three groups of women. following the medicine ter rarian diet had the -- met mediterranean diet had a less chance compared to foes following a low-fat diet. a longer study is needed to confirm the findings. the national constitution center and another philadelphia landmarks are in teal this evening. they are lit up in honor of national ovarian cancer
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awareness month. 22,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year. let's get the latest from accuweather and adam joseph. >> and the only color we will be seeing is blue in the sky, no cloud cover. and temperatures going back move normal. and double scan radar, all quiet out there this evening. honestly, hardly a cloud in the sky. and the action cam was down in center city looking up to the crystal clear sky. and in city hall all aglow. a very comfortable, beautiful late summer evening. ho looking at the temperatures feeling like fall, some locations dropping into the upper 50s. not bad in philadelphia, 66 degrees. 62 in trenton. and the wind out of the southwest over the warm ocean waters of the bay, we're looking at the temperature in cape may of 70 degrees since the bay
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temperature is still in the upper 70s. but then as you head to the north where the wind is over land it is 60 degrees at the atlantic city airport. the low pressure brought clouds the second half of the weekend a. few showers at the shore spinning north of new england. high pressure coming in behind it and this high is a beast. it is really suppressing any cloud cover whatsoever across much of the eastern half of the country, east of the rockies. the bus stop forecast is it going to be clear tomorrow morning and cool. sweatshirt will be needed with temperatures in the 50s pretty much areawide at 6:00 in the morning. and then jumping to around 62 degrees a couple of hours later. and then again tomorrow, no clouds whatsoever. 62 at 8:00, 72 at 11:00, and a quicker jump in temperatures so to speak compared to today getting into the lower 80's between 2:00 and 5:00. high pressure settling making a home here for the rest of the week. and that is going to pull the
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jet stream way to the north. and you can see how warm it will be because of the high all the way from rapid city, wichita eef eastward to the mid-atlantic. each some 90s in the nation's heartland. sunny and warmer tomorrow, 83 degrees. the normal this time of year is 79. we are well above that through the rest of the seven-day forecast. baby blue sky wednesday, 86. same for thursday. and then on friday and saturday, it will be 10 degrees above normal. 87 degrees. a few clouds in the sky will start to work their way in at the end of the week. over the weekend the cold front slides through on sunday. a lot of clouds with that cold front for the eagles and the philadelphia union in town. maybe a few sprinkles, but far from a wash-out. and closer to normal but still above on monday of 79 degrees. if the 50s are a little too cool for your taste, going back into
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the 60s for lows the rest of the week. >> thank you, adam. "dancing with the stars" kicked off its 21st season with a lot of moving and shaking. ♪ it was a two-hour premier. we all not to meet 13 contestants including paula dean, chaka khan and gary busey. and you can watch "dancing with the stars" on channel 6 tomorrow from 9:00 to 11:00.
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>> first half in atlanta, the eagles were not the team that the eagles fans expected to see. >> i didn't know what team we were watching in the first half, not looking like the team in the preseason. all the hype around it. just one game, but what a buzz-kill. and looking forward to seeing the offense and defense, but both showed up late. and atlanta 20 first-half points and julio jones eight of the nine catches the first half. and demarco murray a 5-yard t.d. and they pull closer. and matthews with a push from the line. the falcons reclaim the lead. and fourth and one and they kick the field goal and parkey missed it from 44 yards out. will be second-guessing that call for awhile. the eagles get the ball back and 35 seconds to play. and bradford's pass is
11:28 pm
intercepted by allen and the eagles lose 26-24. falling behind early, that was a problem. jeff skversky joins us live from atlanta with the post-game reaction. jeff? >> tuesdafter the hype who saw coming? the eagles not able to overcome a brutal first half. and bradford said we killed ourselves, no kidding. throwing two intersections and losing the first opener in two years. >> and the good news, it is one game and we still have games ahead of us. we have a short week and we can get this out of our minds quicker. >> you have to move on whether win or loss. and you come in and review the film and learn from things you did not so great. we didn't play our best game tonight and we learn from it, correct it and move forward.
11:29 pm
>> with two and change to go in the game, chip kelly went for the feed goal opposed to going on fourth and one because they were having issue in short yard among. no kidding, demarco murray and matthews combined for only 13 rushing yards. the bottom line, the eagles milled the field goal. and cody parkey said "it's my fault." the quick turn-around, dallas on sunday. live in atlanta, jeff skversky channel 6 h-6 "action news." >> thank you so much. and speaking of dallas, the eagles catch a break ahead of the game next week. we ta we talk about that. >>
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a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> the eagles next opponent is dallas. and the birds catch a break in that one. dez bryant is out. cowboys' receiver broke a bone in his foot last night, out 4-6 weeks. the phillies played in front of a very light cloud at citizens bank park, i wonder why. and the 10th inning, 7-6 nats. and papelbon on to save it. and the game is tied at 7-7. still tied in the 11th. and nobody out, and blanco comes home with it but the ball goes right through. the phillies lose 8-7. and that's sports. >> all right. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." his guests tonight are sofia vergara, david muir and music from kacey musgraves. and "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt
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o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good night. ♪
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sofia vergara. from "abc world news," david muir. and music from kacey musgraves with cleto and the cletones. and now, today's the day -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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